Monday, November 9, 2015

Alston Tarry
Earth Science
D Block Even - Mrs. McClellan
Richards, Mark. "Asteroid Impact, Volcanism Were One-two Punch for Dinosaurs." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 1 Oct. 2015. Web. 09 Nov. 2015.

This article about the dinosaurs discusses how the species was wiped out so many years ago. There has been some argument debating if it was an asteroid impact or volcanic eruptions that made the dinosaurs extinct. Students at Berkeley in California have discovered that an asteroid impact accelerated the eruptions of the earthquakes. This means that the asteroid and volcanoes were both contributing factors in eliminating the dinosaurs. The asteroid and volcanoes covered the earth with dust and toxic fumes, cutting off sunlight and killing all life. The link between the two events is becoming more and more obvious. All evidence collected by the group at Berkeley, and from prior years points to the fact that these are two cause and effect happenings. They are now working to understand and figure out how large ground shaking caused by asteroids affects volcanoes.

This article helps people to understand how life died so many years ago. There have always been questions and speculations regarding the dinosaurs, and this article and these findings help to silence some of those questions. This is our planet and all this happened in the place we live today. The research drawn and conclusions made help to understand how the earliest life on our planet died away. We watched a video on how the crater destroyed life and killed the dinosaurs, but it didn’t mention the mass eruptions of earthquakes. This gives the full story and a real understanding behind the tragic loss of life.

This article was very well written and did not have too many flaws. One thing I liked about it was how it spoke of the debate between the two happenings. It stated the idea that the volcanoes killed the dinosaurs and the idea that the asteroid killed the dinosaurs, and then it brought the two together to make one big cause and effect. One more thing I liked about the article was how many facts and details were put in. It really gave the reader a better understanding and a deeper knowledge of what happened. One thing I think the article lacked was opinions of people working on the project. It had some of this, but more quotes and thoughts of the people would get people to look inside the extinction of the dinosaurs and really understand how it all happened. It would allow people to form arguments and compare their thoughts with other people’s. Overall, I thought it was a well written paper, and anything with dinosaurs of course is interesting.


  1. Alston Tarry reviewed the article “Asteroid Impact, Volcanism Were One-Tow Push for Dinosaurs”. Alston did a great job of summarizing the article and got right to the point. He also explained thoroughly how the impact of the asteroid and the volcanos ended the dinosaurs life and all other life on earth. Another thing Alston did well at was he used his own knowledge from class to help the reader of the review to get a better understanding. After reading this article review, I thought it was interesting how the group of students from Berkeley discussed the two theories of how life ended on earth: volcanism and asteroid impact. I thought it was also interesting how he connected the two theories to cause the effect of wiping out life on earth. One thing I think Alston could have improved on was using specific evidence, for example using quotes, in his review. He mentioned how the author of the article used great details to support the theories, but Alston himself did not mention any of them.

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  3. I really enjoyed Alston Tarry's review on the article "Asteroid Impact, Volcanism Were One-Two Push for Dinosaurs." Alston did a really good job reviewing this article. First of, he did an excellent job summarizing the article. He filled you in on everything you needed to know about the topic as well as going into detail about things such as impact of asteroids on dinosaurs. Also, I really enjoyed Alston's opinion about the article’s importance. Lastly, Alston decided to talk about the video we watched in class. This gave legitimacy to the argument he was trying because he was using an outside source. Although Alston did a very good job, there were a couple things that he could’ve done that would have made it even better. For example, Alston could’ve included some quotes from scientists working on this topic because it would have added some credibility to the argument. After reading this review, the most interesting fact that I came across was how the asteroid and volcanoes covered the earth with dust and toxic fumes, cutting off sunlight and killing all life.